Good News Cruise® 2020

Photos & Testimonials

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Here’s what our 2020 cruisers said about the Good News Cruise®!


“All the Gospel homilies, all the educational and witness talks of the Speakers were deeply inspiring. We have already begun to live out the marriage tools and tips that we took away from this spiritual experience which we know will enhance and elevate our marriage to a higher level of holiness and goodness.”
“A wonderfully memorable spiritual experience!”
“We are going again in 2021. Enough said!”
“A fantastic combination of fun, spirituality, learning, and grace! We’re already signed up for next year and counting down the days.”
“We absolutely loved our experience and thank you!! We’re looking forward to next year, and we will continue to pray for you all!”
“The Holy Spirit was palpable during the entire trip. We were very moved by the depth of the talks and the advice given.”
“A very positive idea to enhance married life and to highlight its sacredness...I am not interested in cruising just to eat and drink, but this Good News Cruise® was a brilliant idea and it was organized very well.”
“We loved our group - the friendliness of everyone; the instant connection with many; the ability to share our faith without feeling guilty or ashamed in front of others.”
“My wife and I appreciate the obvious hard work and love and prayers that went into this trip.”
“It was a huge blessing for our marriage and I'm looking forward to putting the fruit we learned into practice.”
“The cruise was filled with so much joy and laughter (lots of laughter), and music and dancing…but most importantly, it was centered around God, faith, the Eucharist, and Mass. God was present in everything and everyone speaking. The talks were all uplifting and had great take-aways; both for our own marriage and for when we are preparing engaged couples in our parish.”
“Excellent experience. Helpful to our marriage and faith. Lots to think and pray about.”
“The Speakers genuinely spoke from their hearts and the presentations were highly relevant to our marriage relationship. Their words seemed just perfect at a time when we needed to hear them the most; right now. It was comforting to know that we are not alone in the many challenges of cultivating a good marriage”
“We loved it and have registered for next year. Great job by all involved. We were also so impressed by all the details that were thoughtfully handled so well.”
“Daily Mass with a homily series led by Fr. John Riccardo and concelebrated with the other priests was immeasurably meaningful, the variety of talks in content and diversity of speakers addressed countless needs, and we saw the audience moved through deep moments of reflection, joy-filled laughter, and healing tears.”
“Reaping the benefits of spending time with my husband and look forward to 2021”