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About Corporate Travel

Corporate Travel Service is a custom cruise tour, group travel, event management, and personal travel firm with more than 55 years of experience under the same Catholic family ownership.

Corporate Travel currently serves seven major markets with a team of more than 70 professionals:

  • Religious pilgrimages
  • Theme cruise production
  • Educational tours
  • Performance tours for choir and orchestra
  • Travel management for corporate clients
  • Event management
  • Personal vacation planning

Corporate Travel has served the Catholic community for many years creating unique Catholic life-enriching experiences. Clients include the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums, Legatus, the Order of Malta, Footprints of God pilgrimages with Steve Ray, the Sistine Chapel Choir, Pueri Cantores, and multiple Archdioceses, Dioceses, and Parishes across the country​. 

Corporate Travel’s experience with full ship  charters and theme group cruises includes the Time Life family of cruises (Malt Shop Memories Cruise, Soul Train Cruise, Flower Power Cruise, Country Music Cruise, Southern Rock Cruise, Rock and Romance Cruise, and the Sandy Beaches Cruise), the Grand Ole Opry Cruise, Larry’s Country Diner Cruise, the Small Town Big Deal Vintage Tractor Cruise, and the Detroit Tigers’ Cruise.

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