2020 Cruise Information

Good News Cruise

Inaugural Sailing | January 26-February 1, 2020

Setting Sail in...

We're so excited to see you onboard the inaugural Good News Marriage Cruise! Browse below for information for FAQs, itinerary, and contact info!


Before You Board

  • The United States Transportation Security Administration recommends that you do not pack fragile or expensive items (such as jewelry) in checked luggage. 
  • Weapons, illegal drugs, and other items that could interfere with the safe operation of the ship or the safe and secure environment of our guests and crew are prohibited. If these items are confiscated, they will not be returned. 
  • The following are examples of items that guests are not allowed to bring onboard and they will be confiscated upon being found: 
    • Firearms & Ammunition, including realistic replicas 
    • Sharp Objects, including knives and scissors* 
    • Illegal Drugs & Substances 
    • Aerial Drones 
    • Candles & Incense 
    • Coffee Makers, Clothes Irons, & Hot Plates** 
    • Baseball Bats, Hockey Sticks, Cricket Bats, Bows & Arrows 
    • Skateboards & Surfboards 
    • Martial Arts Gear 
    • Self-Defense Gear, including handcuffs, pepper spray, night sticks 
    • Flammable Liquids and Explosives, including lighter fluid and fireworks 
    • HAM Radios 
    • Hookahs & Water Hookah Pipes 
    • Electrical Extension Cords 
    • Dangerous Chemicals, including bleach and paint 
    • Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages*** 
    • Potentially hazardous food and/or food that requires refrigeration 
  • Note: 
    • *Personal grooming items such as safety razors are allowed. Scissors with blade length less than 4 inches are allowed. 
    • **Items that generate heat or produce an open flame. This includes heating pads, clothing irons, hotplates, candles, incense and any other item that may create a fire hazard. NOTE: The only exception to this policy are curling irons and hair straighteners. Matches and normal lighteners are allowed onboard. However, “torch lighters” and novelty lighters that look like guns are not allowed onboard. Torch lighters emit a powerful concentrated flame and therefore are prohibited. 
    • ***Alcoholic beverages that are purchased in ports-of-call or from shops onboard will be stored by the ship and delivered to you on the last day of the sailing. Alcoholic beverages seized on embarkation day will not be returned. 

Please dress comfortably and for the weather.  We recommend “Smart Casual” for the day events, and “Evening Chic” attire in the evening for dinner and events.   Please remember to dress appropriately for daily Mass and prayer services.  

    • Smart Casual includes the following: 
      • For women, a skirt, pants, or jeans with a casual top. 
      • For men, shorts or jeans with a shortsleeved sport shirt. 
    • Evening Chic includes: 
      • For women, a cocktail dress, or skirt, pants, or designer jeans with an elegant top. 
      • For men, pants or designer jeans with a dress shirt, button-down shirt, or sweater with an optional sportcoat or blazer. 
  • During the day and in port, shorts, flip-flops, and bathing suits are permitted everywhere except the main restaurant or specialty restaurants.  You may wish to pack a sweater as air conditioning in some venues on the ship can be cool.   

As we approach the time of the sailing, we will be communicating this information with you via email. 

Pre-Cruise in Ft. Lauderdale

Airport to pier transfers will be available through Royal Caribbean.  More information will be provided as we get closer to departure. 

Specific terminal information for the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas will be available on embarkation day as you enter Port Everglades. For more information on this port, please visit:

All items on board ship are priced in U.S. Dollars and Royal Caribbean operates a ‘cashless’ system. Simply validate your Royal Caribbean SetSail Pass account with an acceptable credit card at the cruise check-in desk or during online check-in. Then you can sign all onboard purchases to your account. At the end of your cruise, you will receive an itemized statement and settle your account before disembarkation. 

The following credit cards are accepted on board Royal Caribbean Cruises ships: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Cards.  

The Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas offers two options to stay connected while onboard. 

    1. VOOM Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi):  All you need is a wireless device with wifi capability. 
    2. Wired (iCafes) Internet stations are available onboard, which is on Deck 4 on the Adventure of the Seas. 

VOOM prices for internet access vary and are subject to change.  

Royal Caribbean works with cellular networks to provide the ability to connect your device through “cellular at sea”. These roaming rates to utilize your device are determined by your cellular provider. Prior to your sailing, it is recommended to contact your cellular provider for more information on these rates and special packages available.  

If you do not purchase an internet package, we recommend leaving your mobile device in airplane mode to prevent international roaming charges. This way you can still utilize the camera and take selfies with your favorite personalities and new–found friends onboard!


Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Sunday, January 26, 2020


Embarkation of the Adventure of the Seas

Welcome & Celebration of Mass

05:30 PM Depart Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Welcome reception with your hosts Fr. John Riccardo, Al & Sally Kresta, Dcn. Dominick Pastore & Teresa Tomeo Pastore

Dining with hosts (main dining)

Evening prayer and reflection

Dance Party – Let’s get the party started!

Day at Sea

Monday, January 27, 2020

Morning coffee and conversation with Fr. John Riccardo

Join LIVE radio broadcast of
Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo

Presentation by Fr. John Riccardo

Optional Confession

Celebration of Mass

Join LIVE Radio Broadcast of
Al Kresta in the Afternoon

Dining with hosts (main dining)

Evening prayer and reflection


George Town, Grand Cayman

tuesday, January 28, 2020

07:00 AM Ship arrives in port

Join LIVE radio broadcast of
Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo

Wine tasting with Teresa Tomeo Pastore and Dcn. Dom Pastore (additional cost)

Presentation with Al Kresta

03:30 PM Ship departs port

Join LIVE Radio Broadcast of
Al Kresta in the Afternoon

Optional confession

Celebration of Mass

Dining with hosts (main dining)

Evening prayer and reflection

Movie under the Stars – Perfect couple’s night!

Costa Maya, Mexico

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Morning coffee and conversation with Al & Sally Kresta

Join LIVE radio broadcast of
Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo

Celebration of Mass

Presentation with Fr. John Riccardo

11:00 AM Ship arrives in port

Dining with hosts (main dining)

07:00 PM Ship departs port

Evening prayer and reflection

Date Night – Spend the evening on your own!

Cozumel, Mexico

Thursday, January 30, 2020

07:00 AM Ship arrives in port

Speaker and former NFL player, Matt Birk, joins cruise!

Join LIVE radio broadcast of 

Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo

Couples trivia game

Celebration of Mass

05:00 PM Ship departs port

Private Cocktail Party!

Dining with hosts (main dining)

Evening prayer and reflection

Presentation by Matt Birk

Private concert

Day at Sea

Friday, January 31, 2020

Morning coffee and conversation with Matt Birk

Join LIVE radio broadcast of
Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo

Talk with Teresa Tomeo and Dcn. Dominick Pastore

Mixology class with Matt Birk (additional cost)

Join LIVE Radio Broadcast of
Al Kresta in the Afternoon

Farewell Mass & Closing Remarks

Dining with hosts (main dining)

Evening prayer and reflection

Vow Renewal & Wedding Reception

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Saturday, February 1, 2020

05:30 AM         Ship arrives in port

*Itinerary subject to change and final confirmation by the cruise line.


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